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Buying a property in Maputo: a complete guide

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Considering buying real estate in Maputo? You're not alone!

Many people are fascinated by Maputo's African charm and dream of owning a stylish apartment or a comfortable villa in this city.

Would it be a profitable investment, though? Are property prices increasing in Maputo? What is the price per sqm? Should you consider investing in Polana or Sommerschield? What about the taxes? Which place will give me the best yields?

We've figured it out for you.

At TheAfricanvestor, we've thoroughly explored this market. As a matter of fact, we've compiled all our findings in one pack. Get it now.

In the lines below, we will share some of this knowledge.

How is the property market in Maputo?

What's the current state of the property market? Data will give us the insights we need.

Property types

In Maputo, there are various types of properties available for sale, catering to different preferences and needs.

These include apartments, houses, condominiums, and townhouses.

Apartments typically offer compact living spaces within multi-story buildings, while houses provide more space and privacy, often with gardens. Condominiums offer a mix of individual units and shared facilities, while townhouses provide a balance between the privacy of a house and the convenience of a communal setting.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can find a range of property options in Maputo to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Should you buy or rent?

(If you plan to use it yourself and not as a rental)

Whether you've already made Maputo your home or are considering it for the future, you might be pondering the buy vs. rent decision in this coastal capital of Mozambique.

Without a doubt, you should buy if you want to acquire equity and have more control over your living situation.

One data can help you make a decision - the property price-to-rent ratio. This metric shows the relationship between rental income and the cost of buying the property.

According to Numbeo, the property price-to-rent ratio in Maputo is around 14.34, which is below the world average.

Consider this: the average period it takes to accumulate sufficient rental payments for purchasing a property is merely 14 years. This makes buying an attractive option

Housing prices in Maputo

On average, according to the last data from National Institute of Statistics (INE), purchasing a property in Maputo will cost you around $3,240 per square meter.

Naturally, prices are quite spread out. The value of a square meter for a house in Maputo city center might differ from a suburban villa in Sommerschield. You'll get a more detailed in our pack for buying property in Maputo and in Mozambique.

To give you some context, it is 5.9 times less than the property prices in the center of New York.

However, housing prices in Maputo are higher (63%) than in Cape Town.

The most expensive neighbourhoods in Maputo are probably Ilha de Moçambique, Polana Caniço, and Polana Cimento, while the cheapest neighbourhoods are probably Matola, Boane, and Marracuene.

Maputo Property Price per Square Meter


First and foremost, we have to acknowledge that Mozambique is, as of now, a vulnerable and fragile country. The last Fragile State Index that has been reported for this place is 94.3.

This is important to remember when wondering if it's a good investment to buy a property in Maputo.

If we look at more data, we can see that, according to the IMF’s forecasts, Mozambique's economy is expected to soar by 26.6% in the coming 5 years, resulting in an average GDP growth rate of 5.3%.

If you intend to invest in real estate in Maputo it's a good thing because when the economy grows, people often experience an increase in wealth, it typically translates to a surge in housing costs.

Also, in Mozambique, the average GDP per capita has changed by -3.9% over the last 5 years. It's a bit concerning.

Looking for more updated data? We've done a big-picture study to find out if it's a good idea to purchase property in Mozambique right now.

Buying property in Maputo

Buying real estate in Maputo can be difficult due to the lack of reliable and up-to-date information available. That's why we have created the pack to buy property in Maputo and in Mozambique.

Buying process

Within our pack, we've covered the entire buying process extensively. This includes a detailed breakdown of prices and yields based on the area, advice on negotiating prices, and information about obtaining a mortgage.

Now, we're providing you with a simplified version.

This is the step-by-step process to purchase a property in Maputo:

  1. Research the local property market and determine your budget in Mozambican Meticals (MZN).
  2. Engage a licensed real estate agent familiar with Maputo's regulations.
  3. Find suitable properties and conduct thorough inspections considering factors like proximity to public transportation and amenities.
  4. Negotiate the price and terms with the seller, considering additional costs like property transfer tax.
  5. Sign a preliminary agreement (Contrato Promessa de Compra e Venda) and pay a deposit (sinal).
  6. Hire a notary (notário) to prepare the sales contract (Escritura de Compra e Venda).
  7. Conduct a title search at the Conservatória do Registo Predial to verify property ownership.
  8. Obtain a tax clearance certificate (Nuit Fiscal) from the local tax office (Autoridade Tributária).
  9. As a foreign buyer, obtain approval from the Central Bank of Mozambique (Banco de Moçambique) to remit funds for the purchase.
  10. Finalize the sales contract, pay the remaining balance, and sign it in the presence of a notary.
  11. Register the property with the Land Registry (Conservatória do Registo Predial) to transfer ownership officially.
  12. After completing the registration process, receive the property's title deed (Título de Propriedade) as proof of ownership.

Also, if you're not from the country, you might want to check our article on how to buy property as a foreigner in Mozambique.

Make a profitable investment in Maputo

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Where to find a property

Explore these websites to find properties in Maputo.

  • Mozambique Houses - Provides sales and rentals of properties in Mozambique, offering a convenient and comprehensive platform for individuals and businesses.
  • Expat - Offers a platform to buy, sell, or rent properties in Mozambique, providing a wide range of options for individuals and businesses.
  • Properties Fantastic - A trusted platform for buying, selling, renting, and rehabilitating properties in Mozambique, providing a wide range of options and exceptional service.
  • Pam Golding - A leading real estate agency in Mozambique, specializing in property sales and rentals.

Also, know that we have included contacts of real estate agencies, property lawyers, moving companies, expats communities and more in our pack for buying property in Mozambique.

Which properties for which budget?

As mentioned before, the average price per sqm in Maputo is $3,240. A 1-bedroom property with a size of 60 square meters would cost approximately $194,000, and a 2-bedroom property with a size of 85 square meters would cost approximately $275,000.

However, the cost of properties will fluctuate depending on both their characteristics and their location.

Top neighborhoods in Maputo typically come with higher price tags. A house in Polana might be around $610,000, and a residence in Sommerschield could be priced at $730,000.

Certainly, certain areas are more affordable. You may find a condominium in Mafalala for $110,000, or you might discover a condominium in Chamanculo priced at only $90,000.

We give a more detailed pricing list in our full pack for buying property in Mozambique.

Mistakes to avoid

Here are the main pitfalls specific to buying a property in Maputo, Mozambique:

  • Complex land laws and overlapping legal systems due to Portuguese colonial influence.
  • Risk of property disputes arising from traditional land tenure practices.
  • Potential challenges in verifying property ownership due to inadequate land registries.
  • Uncertain land use rights for properties in proximity to conservation areas or national parks.
  • Exposure to natural hazards like floods and cyclones, affecting property resilience and insurance costs.
  • Limited availability of mortgage financing options and high-interest rates.
  • The possibility of encountering informal land sellers, leading to fraudulent transactions.
  • Cultural and language barriers in negotiations and contract agreements.

We don't want this to happen to you, so we have included a full checklist for your property investment in our pack of documents. Avoid these mistakes and save a lot of money.

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Living in Maputo

Maputo is a vibrant and culturally diverse city with a growing economy, making it an ideal place to buy property.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Maputo is generally quite affordable compared to other cities in the world. However, basic items such as food and transportation can be more expensive than in other areas of the country.

Here are some examples to better understand the cost of living in Maputo, Mozambique:

  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center: $500/month.
  • Monthly public transportation pass: $25.
  • Dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant: $40.
  • 1 liter of gasoline: $1.20.
  • Utilities (electricity, water, heating) for an 85m² apartment: $80/month.
  • Gym membership at a local fitness center: $30/month.
  • Ticket to a movie at a cinema: $6.
  • Cup of locally brewed 2M beer at a bar: $2.


We like to show information in an easy-to-understand way. So, we made a table that lists the different areas in Maputo. For yields, prices and rents, check our property pack.

Neighborhood Description Strengths Weaknesses

Central Business District (CBD)

The CBD is the commercial and financial heart of Maputo, featuring high-rise buildings, corporate offices, banks, and major shopping centers.

Business hub, modern infrastructure, shopping options.

Can be crowded during peak hours, traffic congestion, higher property prices.


Polana is an upscale residential area with elegant homes, embassies, and diplomatic residences, offering a luxurious living environment.

Exclusive living, upscale amenities, good security.

Higher cost of living, limited affordable housing.


Matola is a suburb located just outside Maputo, known for its industrial activities, markets, and residential neighborhoods.

Industrial hub, diverse housing options, local markets.

Can be crowded and noisy in some areas, traffic congestion during rush hours.


Sommerchield is a residential area with tree-lined streets, embassies, and a mix of houses and apartments, offering a peaceful living environment.

Quiet ambiance, diplomatic presence, some green spaces.

Less variety in entertainment, limited public transport.

Museu/Museu de Moeda

Museu is a neighborhood near the National Museum of Mozambique, known for its cultural attractions, museums, and educational institutions.

Cultural and educational hub, museums, historical landmarks.

Some areas may lack modern amenities, occasional safety concerns.


KaMpfumo is a residential area with a mix of houses and informal settlements, providing affordable housing options in the city.

Affordable housing, local community, some green spaces.

Basic infrastructure, potential safety concerns in informal settlements.

Life in Maputo

Maputo is the economic capital of Mozambique and has experienced significant growth in recent years. The city is home to a range of industries, including manufacturing, finance, and tourism, and is an important port for the region.

What expats usually like the most in Maputo is the city's vibrant culture, with its lively music and art scenes, and the variety of cuisines available in its restaurants. They also appreciate the city's natural beauty, with its stunning beaches and nearby wildlife reserves.

A good point for a property investor - Maputo has a mass rapid transit system called the Maputo Metro.

Access to healthcare in Maputo is limited due to inadequate infrastructure, a lack of resources, and limited access to healthcare services.

Don't lose money on your property in Maputo

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Renting out in Maputo

If you're interested in buying property not to live in, but to rent out and generate income, this section is for you.


Tenant Profiles in Maputo

If you decide to buy and rent out to long-term tenants, you should target young professionals, expats, and families with children. Short-term tenants are usually tourists and business people looking for a place to stay for a few days or weeks.

Here is a little summary table we've made for you.

Property type and area Profiles of potential tenants What they are looking for Expected monthly rent in $

Apartment in Polana

Expats, professionals

Central location, modern amenities

$800 - $1500

House in Sommerschield

Families, expats

Residential area, outdoor space

$1000 - $2500

Apartment in Baixa

Young professionals

City center, accessibility

$600 - $1200

Flat in Costa do Sol

Families, beach lovers

Beachfront living, sea view

$700 - $1500

Apartment in Mafalala

Local residents

Community living, affordable

$200 - $500

Studio in Polana Cimento

Students, young adults

Proximity to universities, budget-friendly

$150 - $300

Apartment in Malhangalene

Local residents

Suburban living, affordable

$200 - $400

Rental yields

Nowadays, Maputo offers some opportunities in terms of rental yields. Actually, you can easily achieve 7 or 8% due to the increasing demand for rental properties in the city.

In Maputo, properties located in central areas such as Baixa, Polana and Maputo City tend to offer the best rental yields, due to their high demand from tenants looking for convenient access to amenities and public transport. Additionally, properties located in the upmarket neighbourhoods of Sommerschield and Malhangalene tend to offer higher rental yields due to their higher prices and lower competition.

For further explanation and a more detailed breakdown, you can check the reports and analyses we have made.


You could also decide to rent short-term to professionals on business trips, travelers, or students studying abroad in Maputo. Furthermore, you could target people who are looking for a place to stay while they are visiting family or friends in the area.

If you decide to go with that option, look for properties in the Baixa area and the Avenida dos Trabalhadores. These areas are popular among tourists and offer great rental potential.

There are approximately 405 active Airbnb listings in Maputo, reflecting a dynamic short-term rental market. The average daily rate stands around $78.

You have the opportunity to generate a nice additional income stream then. According to online testimonials and analytics platform like AirDNA, Guesty and Inside Airbnb, people who offer short-term rentals in Maputo can make around $600 per month. Also, the average occupancy rate is estimated at 48%.

Is it worth buying real estate in Maputo then?

Buying property in Maputo is a worthwhile endeavor if you're planning to settle down in this vibrant African city for the long term. It's a smart move for those seeking stability and control over their living situation.

Maputo's property market offers a favorable price-to-rent ratio, which means that over time, owning property can be more cost-effective than renting. This is particularly appealing if you want to accumulate equity in your home. Additionally, the city's diverse property options cater to various budgets and preferences, ensuring you can find a suitable property for your lifestyle.

Investing in Maputo becomes even more appealing when considering the city's economic potential. Despite challenges, Mozambique's economy is projected to grow, often translating into increased housing costs. This growth can potentially yield returns for property owners as real estate values appreciate.

For those interested in generating rental income, Maputo offers opportunities in both long-term and short-term rentals, with attractive yields in central areas.

However, if your plans in Maputo are short-term, or if you're risk-averse due to the country's complex legal landscape and economic uncertainties, buying property may not be the best choice. It's essential to assess your goals, do thorough research, and consult local experts to make an informed decision that aligns with your financial and lifestyle aspirations.

Make sure you understand the real estate market in Maputo

Don't rush into buying the wrong property in Mozambique. Sit, relax and read our guide to avoid costly mistakes and make the best investment possible.

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